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There is no Religion
Higher Than Truth -

Satyat Nasti Paro
Kuan Yin
Moon and Water

"Reach through the dark
energy and grab it. You
might see the smoke
coming out of the
chimney and you'll even
see the smoky sky. You
need to reach through
the smoke and bring the
light to you. Remember
the possibilities of
something greater are
right here. Be willing to
go to the lightness.
Don't feed off what is
not right in the world."

~ Kuan Yin ~

“An unquestioned mind
is the world of

~Byron Katie~
Remote Entity
"Angels transcend
every religion,
every philosophy,
every creed.
In fact angels have
no religion as we
know it
Their existence
precedes every
religious system
that has ever
existed on earth."

St. Thomas Aquinas
In a typical session I check to see if you have any spirit/entity possession,
attachments, obsession, etc.
and remove them by facilitating their  transmutation into Divine Light.  I also clear
the house/apartment, property, pets, and remove psychic
attack, etc., as well as performing general aura healing.

It is impossible for anyone to guarantee you will not be the recipient of
unwanted negative energies in the future. It took more than one
lifetime to develop the problem of attachments, and it
takes work to heal and move into a more positive and fulfilling reality.

I work to educate and direct you to spiritual personal development
sources, and tools which are helpful in building your connection to the
Higher Self. 'Grounding' is very important in helping you be present,
own your space and raise your frequency. I continue to give further  
one-on-one energy education and healing in subsequent sessions if needed.

Healing is accomplished with remote viewing, Intent, and alignment with
Devas (nature spirits, angels) through my Higher Self,
and the Self of all concerned.
"Everything you see has
its roots in the unseen

The forms may change,
yet the essence remains
the same.

Every wonderful sight will
vanish; every sweet word
will fade,

But do not be
disheartened, The source
they come from is eternal,

Branching out, giving new
life and new joy. Why do
you weep?

The source is within you
And this whole world is
springing up from it."        

~Jelauddin Rumi
Intuitive Spiritual Counselor
Emotional, Mental Healing
by Phone
Email: elizacarroll10@outlook.com
Phone: (503) 928-7637
Skype: elizacarroll1
Life Negativity is an
addiction to the
bleak shadow that
lingers around every
human form ... you
can transfigure
negativity by turning
it toward the light of
your soul.

Anam Cara: A Book
of Celtic Wisdom