These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's.
El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni


The fear of astral manifestations is based upon other things than ghosts. It is necessary to
understand that the cold of the astral world provokes a chemical reaction in people. Agni Yoga,
1929; 352.

Inability to free oneself from intrusive thoughts can produce no small difficulties in relationship to
the Subtle World. Let us imagine that certain hazy, perhaps even unpleasant, condensations from
the Subtle World have been manifested; their forms have struck the imagination and produced
thought about them. Precisely the substance of such thought will attract still more strongly these
entities and assist their condensation. Naturally, thought is nutritive. Precisely in this manner are
formed the so-called ghosts. Intrusive thoughts give them density, and people cannot free
themselves from them, because primarily they do not know how to free themselves from their
own thoughts. Fiery World II, 381.

Not by accident has it been spoken about strange cases of the influence of vital emanations of all
objects surrounding man. The ancient custom, of India, to construct for each heir a new palace is
not without a profound basis. If it were possible to show how many bloody shadows there are
around many thrones, how many terrors around ancestral portraits, how many tears upon
necklaces, how many ghosts on the wall, humanity would be filled with respect for emanations.
For, besides the physical effects of emanations, their psychic energy may be either constructive
or destructive. How can a newly chosen ruler proceed by a new path amidst the dark oppression
of past emanations! Many misfortunes are caused by these heritages of the past. Not only life
beyond the grave was foreseen when in ancient times the personal belongings of the deceased
were buried with him. Ancient wisdom was taking measures for the purification of space. Egypt
knew the force of the law of emanations. Analyzing events and a succession of historic facts, one
may easily become convinced as to how under the influence of emanations destructions have
taken place. On the path to the Fiery World one should manifest caution and a profound
discernment of emanations. How important it is to conserve each good accumulation! Fiery
World III, 1935; 77.

Urusvati knows how much We are in contact with the Subtle World. For complete knowledge it
is necessary to be in touch with the various spheres. Much misunderstanding has grown around
the concept of the Subtle World, and in particular the concept of uniqueness, which is the same in
the Subtle World as on Earth. There are many descriptions of the Subtle World, but all of them
are limited by the individual experience of the observer. Thus one person speaks about the lowest
level, of almost monstrous ghosts; another describes sleeping shadows; a third finds an absolute
similarity to the physical world; and a fourth talks about luminous bodies. They all describe what
they have seen, but their perceptions were limited, causing them to think that one stratum is the
entire Subtle World. Because of this error people quarrel and accuse one another of falsehood. If
they could understand the manifoldness of the Subtle World, they would realize how beneficial it
would be for them to strive to the higher spheres. According to a certain kind of person, nothing
worthwhile exists for him here on Earth and therefore he has no reason to live. However, if he
carries such thoughts with him into the Subtle World, he will continue the same idle existence
there. If people limit their idea of the Subtle World by their earthly experience, they will prevent
themselves from acquiring new experiences. Few think about the higher worlds, and most would
be afraid of the radiance of Materia Lucida. The possibility that thinking will become keener
frightens the limited mind. While still on Earth, people should suggest to themselves where
precisely they would like to continue their progress. They must concentrate their free will and
direct their minds toward consciously chosen subtle experiences. The Thinker used to say, “Let
your thoughts fly ahead of you and prepare new, beautiful dwellings.” Supermundane I, 220.

Urusvati knows that on Earth people are constantly surrounded by subtle entities. Usually, they
do not notice them, yet at times they feel breaths of air and light touches, and on rare occasions
will see so-called ghosts. But We must point out that apart from such external perceptions, every
refined person senses inner tremors, and is subject to nervous stimulation or depression caused
by the approach of subtle entities. Animals, and especially dogs, sense the presence of strong
subtle manifestations. One may ask whether they recognize subtle entities mainly by sight or by
scent. Their sight is not as acute as their scent, which is very precise. One may also ask what
type of dog has a stronger sense of the Subtle World—of course, the long-haired ones, because
they can accumulate more electricity. Similarly, people who collect more electricity can sense
more strongly the presence of subtle entities, either at night or by day. One should not consider
the manifestations of the Subtle World to be extraordinary. Everyone possessing a refined
receptivity can under proper conditions sense the presence of the dwellers of the Subtle World.
Some of these appearances may be distressing, and although the sendings of the will help to
repulse them, it must be tensed without delay, for if momentary fear is allowed, the will cannot
be mustered later. The Thinker knew that the will must be in full readiness. He used to say, “The
sword of defense is given to everyone, but know how to use it without delay.” Supermundane I,

Urusvati knows how diverse are Our messages, which sometimes come as short commands, and
at others times as faint reminders. Sometimes they are stored in the Chalice, to be applied at the
appointed hour. In such cases, people begin to recall something heard somewhere, and the
recollection becomes more and more persistent as the indicated date approaches. These
recollections from the very bottom of the Chalice must be treated with great care. In them are
many events which by karmic law can only be revealed through the consciousness. It is of
paramount importance to observe children when they receive such guidance. They often declare
that other children visit and play with them, and that during their games they have conversations
on interesting topics. They sometimes invite adults to join them in the games, but the grown-ups
do not see their little friends and regard their statements as fabrications. Such accounts originate
in all nations, however, and should not be treated as childish inventions. One should pay great
attention to the statements of children. One should also heed the visions experienced by seriously
ill people, who often see images of individuals, unknown to them, who try to ease their
sufferings. Sometimes these images remind them of dear ones who have passed away. Such
approaches from the higher spheres are varied, and we should appreciate the care and concern
that is so exquisitely revealed. Unfortunately, people prefer to attribute everything to frightful
ghosts, forgetting that there are also higher manifestations. The Thinker, having heard about a
vision of relatives, remarked, “Perhaps High Spirits materialized through those forms.”
Supermundane I, 248.