About Mediumism....

Entity possession is caused by the unfortunate condition of becoming a negative
medium. Below is the best explanation I have heard of the energetic process
involved in mediumism. From
"The Process of Healing" by Harry Van Gelder.

"Mediumism creates a condition that tends to separate the individual from his
electro-somatic field and strengthen his attachment to the electro-psychic field.
Physically, the weakened condition the the electro-somatic field forms an attraction
to any entity in the electro-psychic field. In addition, mediumism also changes the
Vital Field Centres. The Pineal, Pituitary, and Cardiac Centres tend to become
weaker and may function at the minimal level, creating a congestion at the Solar
Plexus and Hypogastric Centres. This in turn reverses the flow of the Vital Field,
which becomes highly negative. The above-head Centre then ceases to function."

" Furthermore, the connecting Centres between the subjective and objective fields
become minimal or non-existent, while the psychic centre becomes highly active.
This means that the psychic centre mainly reflects the electropsychic field and may
lead to hallucinations. Also, there is little or no communication possible between
the subjective and the personality. So, when an entity, usually far from benevolent,
takes over, which it can do very easily in such a condition, control over the
personality passes entirely to the invading entity at the electro-psychic level. This
is obsession, a highly dangerous and more common phenomenon than is commonly

"Both modern psychology and Western philosophy having a materialistic basis, do
not generally recognize such conditions and consider them either purely
psychological or due to malfunctioning glands. This is entirely erroneous. The
entity in control may or may not be human. In many cases it is of a highly evil and
malignant nature. Many terrible crimes are commited under its influence and are
considered to be due to insanity."

"This mediumistic condition may have been brought about by the results of former
existences, and is greatly strengthened by the use of psychedelic and other drugs.
Even marijuana, which is considered to be a less harmful drug by many
psychologists, as it does not seem to have much physical effect, has nevertheless a
powerful effect on the psyche. Habitual use of it may lead to the condition of
mediumship or hallucination, or will considerably strengthen any mediumistic

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Eliza Carroll MS
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