Astral Larvae

Mouni Sadhu
From, "The Tarot: A Contemporary Course of the Quintessence of Hermetic

Larvae are first mentioned in Mouni Sadhu's commentary on the second card, the

“Let us imagine that a man has a common evil desire, but makes no attempt to realize it
on the physical plane. He only draws his dark desire on the astral plane, and so creates
a kind of 'entity', by condensing the astral according to his intention. This artificial
'being' does not have a physical body, but it is a kind of astrosome, and its
correspondence to the human monad (spirit) is just the mental idea of the evil intention
or wish. Such a being - according to the property of its 'monad' - can act and influence
only in one direction as intended by its unwise creator, man, who is usually unaware of
his foolishness.

Now, on whom will the influence of such a demon be exerted? Yes, firstly on the father
of it himself, the draughtsman who created the astral picture of the evil deed. We will
call this type of ominous artificial entity a larva. Such a larva will watch its 'father' in
order to prevent him from forgetting his evil intentions and desire, and to fortify the
larva's life by new meditations about the same theme. But it can also attach itself to
another man, who has certain astral and mental affinity with the first one. We then say
that a larva has left one man and fastened itself (like a leech) to another.


Sadhu knows that not only are larvae visitors from other worlds, but he speculates that
they are the cause of many forms of sickness:

As many larvas are only a condensation of evil thoughts and feelings, flowing through
the infinite spaces of other worlds, they can even create physical sicknesses, if they
attach themselves to your astrosome for some time, which, as we know, has exact
counterparts in the physical body, in the form of ganglions, and so on. If an important
part of the astrosom is damaged or weakened there will be a corresponding damage or
an ailment for the physical body. Sometimes mysterious disorders are produced in the
body's cells, without any visible contagion by bacteria. The fact the such cancers,
which have enigmatic causes, are now becoming so rapidly widespread, might have its
origin in the excess of evil human feelings, hatreds and other negative forces, put into
play in the aura of our planet.

These things may create innumerable larvas and other kinds of undesirable forces,
which later bring disorder to the work of human cells, resulting in malicious tumours
and cancerous growths. In general, occultism ascribes disease to an astral origin or
affection of the astrosome, later inevitably transferred to the physical body. Some even
believe in the astral origins of bacteria which cause sickness and death.
The Tarot: A contemporary Course of the Quintessence of Hermetic Occultism

Mental Sickness

According to Sadhu, mental sickness can be attributed to larvae:

According to its symptoms, mental sickness can often be compared to a continuous
state of drunkenness, in its second phase as previously described. Impulses of a special
character prevail in each insane person. They are related to the activity of certain nerve
centres. Of course, such conditions can arise because of organic or functional disorders
of the nervous system; but it is also possible to stimulate certain centres to the detriment
of others from the point of view of astral factors. It is the astrosome, which created the
body and which directs its manifestations. The spirit (mental) of man manifests itself
only through that astrosome. Now, imagine that a foreign astral entity joins your
astrosome and begins to rule the body together with its proper owner. We will then get
abnormal manifestations in both the astral and physical activities of the man, often
resulting in the impossibility of any mental functions, because the original astrosome has
been paralysed by the intruder.

A strong larva belonging to the man himself, or coming from the outer world, can also
join the man's astrosome. This will be an example of permanent incarnation for a larva,
which usually means the appearances of a special type of offence peculiar to that larva
which masters the insane person concerned.

Larvas, as all inferior astral entities, try to obtain life in matter much denser than their
own, that is in the physical world. They have no moral qualities so they show no
concern about the immense harm they bring to the hapless man they obsess. Such a
little devil will first try to develop in man the ability of practising that offence or
abnormality in full. When the body is exhausted, the larva usually tries to destroy it, in
order to free itself for for further incarnations.
The Tarot: A contemporary Course of the Quintessence of Hermetic Occultism

How Larvae enter the body
Sadhu describes the various methods of entrance for larvae:

When a man is passive enough and not sufficiently occupied with his body to defend it
against the astral intruders. Larvas can easily enter the body of a sleeping man, as well
as that of someone, who has been disappointed by life and who no longer sees any
purpose in it. Men who practise some vice can also be victims of larvas which represent
just the same vice. Then the astral monster comes as if invited.

Another elementar can easily enter and occupy the body of a man, who has exteriorized
himself, consciously or unconsciously.

. Sometimes the astrosome which has been expelled by an intruder can return and
remove the unwanted tenant. Then we have temporary insanity. But sometimes the
astrosome cannot return, and then a foreign entity operates in the body resulting in
constant insanity, or in the best possible case, an unfavourable change of personality,
usually ending in a fairly quick destruction of the physical body.

If both of the astrosomes remain in one body, and fight each other, there will be
periodical insanity.
The Tarot: A contemporary Course of the Quintessence of Hermetic Occultism

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