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There is no Religion
Higher Than Truth -

Satyat Nasti Paro Dharma
Kuan Yin
Moon and Water

"Reach through the dark
energy and grab it. You might
see the smoke coming out of
the chimney and you'll even
see the smoky sky. You need
to reach through the smoke
and bring the light to you.
Remember the possibilities of
something greater are right
here. Be willing to go to the
lightness. Don't feed off what
is not right in the world."

~ Kuan Yin ~
What Are the Signs of

Entities and negative energies can have varying degrees
of influence over their host, ranging from a mild energy
drain to almost total possession (which is extremely
rare). Common signs are:

* Hearing voices

* Sudden cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.--
especially after surgery or a traumatic event

* Sudden weight gain-especially after surgery or a
traumatic event

Fears and phobias

* Sudden changes in behavior-such as increased anger,
depression and thoughts of suicide

* Serious illness of unknown cause
Loss of energy

* Memory and concentration problems

* Unexplained physical problems-such as pain from an
undetermined cause

* Migraine headaches

* Night terrors and nightmares

* Panic or anxiety attacks

* Multiple personalities

What Are Entities and Negative Energies?

Earthbound spirits, lower astral entities (astral
fragments of the personality of the departed), and dark
energy forces are the most common types of
possessing entities. The spirit is the part of us that
survives after death of the physical body. Sometimes
spirits just don't know what to do when their physical
body dies, so they stay in the earth plane and can
attach to living people, or remain in a specific place
(thus a haunting spirit or ghost). Dark energy forces can
be termed demons. They have never been alive in their
own physical bodies, and are usually on a mission to
destroy. Curses, psychic attacks and negative thought
forms are negative energies generated by living people.

How Do They Get In?

In order for entities to attach to a human, that person
must be vulnerable in some way. An earth-bound spirit
may attach while the human is unconscious for any
reason-be it trauma, anesthesia in surgery, a blow to
the head, drunkenness, etc. Severe stress, exhaustion,
grief, extreme anger, fear, or guilt can also open a
person for attachment. Without proper protection, such
things as channeling, mediumship, and automatic writing
are open invitations for possession, as is being present
at a seance, or using an Ouija board. Childhood abuse,
rape, or incest can allow entities to attach. Sometimes,
after the death of a loved one a person can
unknowingly invite attachment of that loved one with
thoughts such as "don't leave me. I don't want to let
you go." Once an entity gains entry, a "hole" in the aura
is in effect present, which allows for more attachments.

Hospitals, cemeteries, and funeral homes are common
places to pick up entities. Spirits tend to sometimes
hang around the place where their bodies died, or hang
around the body itself. The theory of "like attracts like"
also applies. Negative energies such as psychic attacks
and curses are generated by other living people.
Negative thought forms

which we ourselves generate (such as fear, anger,
jealousy and anxiety) can invite in and "feed" psychic
attacks and curses.A form of spiritual healing known as
Spirit Releasement is employed to clear a person of
attachments and negative energies.

What Is Spirit Releasement/Exorcism?

Spirit Releasement, also known as depossession, is the
process of releasing entities from living people. This can
be done remotely (from a distance), or in person.
Remote exorcism can be done without the conscious
knowledge of the person on whom we are working,
but permission is always requested from that person's
higher self before the procedure is undertaken.

In the Releasement /exorcism process, darkness is
transformed into the golden light of the sun (inner
alchemy) and entities, spirits, and other energies are  
released to their appropriate place in the Divine Light.

In cases of earthbound spirit attachment, the entity is
simply made aware of its situation and lovingly guided
into the Light, usually into the care of a loved one who
comes to help in the transition.Curses and negative
energies are removed by severing connections and
transforming the energies from detrimental to beneficial.

Does This Really Help People?

Releasement has been very beneficial to many people,
but it is not a cure-all. Once the entities are released,
the problems that they had been causing tend to clear
up quickly. The degree of improvement also depends
on how much influence the entities have had on the
host. Sometimes entities are released and the changes
are so subtle that the person may notice no changes at
all. This is simply because of the nature of the
attachment.  Unfortunately, Spirit Releasement is
usually used as a last resort. I feel that releasing these
entities can be quite effective before one spends a great
deal of time on lengthy traditional therapy. Spirit
releasement presents no threat of danger or ill effects to
a person. However, a person may sometimes feel tired
for a day or so after the release has been accomplished.

What About Places That Are Haunted by Spirits
or Negative Energies?

Spirits usually have a reason for haunting specific
places; for instance: sudden death, or death from
violent or traumatic causes. They may have "unfinished
business" or "a score to settle." They may be unwilling
to give up their physical possessions. They may be
confused or not realize they are physically dead. These
spirits can also be released by remote means.

Negative energies may inhabit places for many different
reasons. Places where violence or traumatic deaths
have occurred may retain the overall energy of those
happenings--battlefields, for instance. Homes where
people constantly fight or argue with each other may
retain the negativity of those actions.

An example of positive yet solemn energy clinging to a
place is The Wall memorial to Viet Nam war
casualties. This energy has been created by visitors to
the memorial paying homage to their fallen comrades
and loved ones.

Anger - Jealousy - Fear - Guilt

These are just a few examples of negative energies
generated for various reasons. Negative thoughts take
many forms and affect people in many different ways.
Here is a small sampling of the kinds of negativity that
can be cleared by a Releasement:

Accidental childhood "programming" by an authority
figure, such as "You're stupid. You'll never learn
anything." "You're just a wild animal." "You're an
absolute klutz." "Can't you do anything right?"

Psychic attack by another person (you may not even
be aware of their feelings toward you): Another
person's anger, jealousy or other negativity toward you
may be strong enough to constitute a psychic attack on
you. Conversely, your negativity toward others may
psychically attack them, even without your conscious
intent to "attack."

Curses--an extreme form of psychic attack. People
who practice the black arts sometimes perform certain
rituals to initiate curses.

Environments--places and objects--can harbor or hold
residual vibrations from past negative actions
associated with them--for instance, battlefields or
disaster sites such as airline crashes.

Relationships that have ended unhappily or unpleasantly
may leave negative "strings" attached. Negative "bonds"
are extremely powerful.

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Life Negativity is an
addiction to the bleak
shadow that lingers around
every human form ... you
can transfigure negativity by
turning it toward the light of
your soul.

Cara: A Book of Celtic

From The Book on the Living
God, Chapter 9, "The Hidden
Side of Nature," pp. 134-140.
~ Bo Yin Ra ~
The creatures of the unseen
part of nature one attracts in
"para-psychical" experiments,
as well as in "séances," where
in worshipful solemnity
participants believe they are
communicating with
"departed souls," are not by
any means devoid of a degree
of "consciousness," and often
they "know" more than those
who mean to probe their
knowledge. Their
self-awareness is, however,
only dim and dreamlike, so
that one cannot properly, by
human standards, condemn
them as "immoral" if they
pretend to be whatever their
interrogators think they are,
or wish to find in them.

Above all else, they crave to
manifest their own existence,
and to that end they will
resort to every means within
their power; but they will also
go beyond their limits,
feigning to have powers they
do not possess.

They are not bound by moral
laws, nor by a sense of
conscience. To destroy you
will afford them no less
pleasure than to lend you
strength, if only they can
make their own existence
known by means of the effect
their power has on you.
Dreadful is the fate of those
whom nature's unseen
parasites already have within
their grip. Like leeches they
will drain their victim's
energies; for they must feed
upon the life-blood of their
prey, if mortal man would
have them at his service.

If he cannot rid himself of
them by his own strength,
their ghastly urges will
compel him to become their
slave, until his very soul shall
finally have died, because its
elements will gradually detach
themselves and leave him.
And when his mortal form
shall one day have been laid to
rest, his former
consciousness will perish and
return to nothing: the only
true, because eternal "death"
that human mortals have to

Very few can speak from
knowledge about the
phantom-like, deceitful nature
of these beings, which cannot
properly be named, since
visible reality provides no
suitable analogies.

It is the power of these
unseen creatures that fakirs
use to work their eerie feats;
and as the world is unaware
of their existence, people
marvel at the fakir's deeds, if
ever there appears a true
performer of that
demon-ridden craft.

These beings are found
capable of many things that
mortal man can never equal, if
he relies on merely his own
physical capacities.

They "see" your thoughts
more clearly than even you
are conscious of them in
yourself, and the most secret
things you picture in your
mind can they make visible
before your very eyes.

They can produce material
forms and substances that,
for a certain time, will be as
tangible as any other thing on
earth, or any substance that
you know; for these invisible
intelligences are the hidden
weavers shaping every earthly
form, and they direct the
unseen threads that underlie
all visible phenomena in nature.

They can assume the bodily
appearances of persons who
have long since died; for
every form that once existed
here on earth continues to be
present in their sphere;
namely, in a shape that one
might--very loosely--speak of
as a casting mold or die, from
which one may at any time
produce another copy.

In reality, this casting mold is
an extremely delicate, invisible
configuration: a system, as it
were, of leaf-like membranes
that preserves, in
mathematically exact
proportions, every inner and
external part that once had
formed a mortal human body.

As a rule, that die, or matrix,
is compressed into the
smallest space within itself,
but under suitable conditions
it will become inflated, so to
speak, with the organic
energies that normally sustain
the physical activity and body
of the "medium."

During the time that such a
manifestation lasts, the
"medium" must needs be kept
in the unconscious state one
knows as "trance."

The inflated phantom body,
which is of very brief
duration even under optimum
conditions, functions as the
instrument through which the
psyche--the physically
conditioned creature soul--of
the unconscious medium
performs its operations.
During the séance, the
medium's psyche is subjected
to a kind of hypnosis by the
unseen, physical intelligences
which manifest themselves in
the reconstituted phantom

If such a phantom wraith can
even speak--indeed, will
sound exactly like its dead and
buried model--it is no more
surprising than the ability to
speak of any normally
embodied individual; given
that, for the duration of its
brief appearance, the phantom
body, too, possesses each and
every organ that once had
physically existed in its
deceased original, including
even bodily deformities and
similar defects.

I trust there is no special need
to emphasize that such a
phantom shape, preserved in
the invisible domain of nature,
has nothing more in common
with the human individual that
once had been attached to it,
than does a reptile with the
slough it leaves behind.

There is a reason for my
dealing here in some detail
with facts whose very
mention I find utterly

I want to see you able
objectively to judge
phenomena that otherwise
might startle and confuse you.

You should not let yourself be
duped, for simple lack of
knowledge, by things that
only seem astounding.

To be sure, the fraud you
may encounter in "séances"
does not pose any real threat.

Serious danger is met only in
authentic contact with these
hidden beings.

My warning here is prompted
by informed concern.

For if you ever should
experience the effects these
beings can produce, they well
might sense in you another

All too often do they find their
prey among those seekers
who, instead of striving to
unite their timeless soul and
find their God, will search
instead for "occult" powers,
without possessing the
maturity and insight one must
have before a Mediator--a
fellow mortal who is
conscious in the Spirit--is able
to prepare them, in many
years of strictest discipline, to
master these demonic
creatures and their frightening

But even then there will be
constant danger for anyone
who needlessly attracts and
uses them; and none who had
to learn to subjugate this
unseen realm of physical
reality, in order to establish
his authority, will ever stay
there any longer than absolute
necessity demands, in order
that he may accomplish a
specific task.

From The Book on the Living
God, Chapter 9, "The Hidden
Side of Nature," pp. 134-140.
~ Bo Yin Ra ~i
"Humankind has not woven the web
of life. We are but one thread within
it. Whatever we do to the web, we
do to ourselves. All things are bound
All things connect."

~ Chief Seattle


I know that even though you have
never suffered hunger... you have
food anxiety, which is none other
than the anxiety of the predator who
fears that any moment now its
maneuver is going to be uncovered
and food is going to be denied.
Through the mind, which, after all, is
their mind, the predators inject into
the lives of human beings whatever is
convenient for them. And they
ensure, in this manner, a degree of
security to act as a buffer against
their fear.;- Don Juan in

“The Active Side of Infinity“ by
Carlos Castaneda

Do not assume that divine guidance
flows only when you are in need of
help. Guidance
continues to flow whether or not you
have problems.
It transcends problems,
heartbreaks, and traumas,
flowing through dreams and
Whether guidance comes
during times of tranquility or trauma,
it is up to you to have the
courage to acknowledge it"
~ Caroline Myss ~
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